Try our twist on traditional smudge sticks.  We’ve swapped out white sage for black* and bundled it with palo santo, herbs and selenite. We have carefully selected only those ingredients that are sustainably sourced and chemical free.

From serious ceremony to simple cleansing, our smudge sticks stand ready to assist you in uplifting mind, body and spirit.  

*White sage has become the bread & butter of the smudging industry and as such, has raised concern over the sustainability of current harvesting practices.  We’ve opted to use black sage instead and will continue to monitor best practices to ensure our smudge sticks reflect sustainably smart harvesting.  


Black Sage, Palo Santo and Lavender

(1) Black sage smudge stick (sustainably sourced). Wrapped in cotton twine

(1) Selenite stick (sustainably sourced)

(2) Palo santo stick (sustainably sourced)

(1) Lavender (about 4 stems, all natural, US grown, dried without chemicals)

(1) Vintage silk tie (eco-friendly, compostable)


Black Sage is a highly aromatic herb with a sweet, cleansing scent.

Lavender adds a light, refreshing smell when burned.  

Palo santo’s scent blends sweetness with subtle, uplifting notes of mint and lemon.  


Herb Bundles and Palo Santo Sticks

For a simple smudge ritual, gather our beautiful BLACK SAGE, PALO SANTO + SELENITE SMUDGE and set your intentions. Untie the outer silk ribbon that holds the entire bundle together and decide which piece you'd like to burn.

Sage sticks, lavender bundles, mixed herb bundles* and palo santo sticks all burn using the same method.  Light the bundle or stick of your choice until it smolders.  Carry the item over a fireproof bowl as you let the smoke waft its fragrance over the areas you desire. To extinguish, press the lit end into a fireproof bowl filled with sand.  Check the end closely to make sure there are no more burning embers.

Our carefully chosen smudges are potent.  A little goes a long way.

* The white flowered ammonium and german statice are decorative and are not well suited for burning.  They may be composted after you’ve enjoyed looking at them.

(We include some written suggestions with each Black Sage Smudge Bundle to get you started. There are many smudging rituals and ceremonies practiced today. We encourage you to explore both the old and the new to find which rituals suit you best.)

Selenite stick

Place the selenite stick on a windowsill in the room you wish to cleanse to promote a positive living environment.


Black Sage Smudge Stick -sustainably sourced herb grown in the US
(wrapped in cotton twine)

Selenite Stick - A fibrous crystal sustainably sourced from Morocco. The selenite comes through certified USA companies which ensures their ethical sourcing.

Palo Santo – Also called Holy Wood because it is so valued and cherished. Our Palo is collected from fallen dead trees and this variety is not endangered, in fact it is vital to the community that harvests it.

Lavender and mixed herbs - US grown and dried without chemicals

Vintage Silk Ribbon - eco-friendly and compostable  


Each ingredient is carefully selected for their beauty, potency and sustainability. We hope you love these bundles as much as we love creating them.


Black Sage - 3 to 4”

Palo Santo - 4”

Selenite - 5”

Lavender and Herbs - small stems

All sizes are approximate