2020 has been a challenging year, but the upcoming holidays offer us all an opportunity to care for ourselves and each other. This gift set is full of our favorite good smelling things to nurture tranquility and calm in a new year, including our best-selling DEODORANT, PINE + JUNIPER ROOM AND SHOWER SPRAY, and our tried-and-true CHARCOAL + JUNIPER DETOX BAR. Gift this box to yourself or someone you love and put a balm on the stress of these past months!



One pump of this concentrated spray is all you need to transform your space or shower into a spa. Fresh, clean juniper and cypress are rounded out with warming balsam oil to create an uplifting and clean smelling mist. Our pure essentials oils (put through rigorous quality testing) don’t just mask odors, they eliminate them. Breathe clean.


Fresh, clean juniper and cypress are rounded out with warming balsam oil to create an uplifting and clean smelling mist.


Great for shower, travel, bathroom, baby room, the kitchen...anywhere your space needs a reset. As with any product containing essential oils, spray responsibly around pets and children. 


distilled water, essential oils, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, aspen bark powder, leucidal liquid


NO synthetics, parabens, fragrance, aluminum, triclosan, propylene glycol, TEA/DEA, sulfates, EDTA or formaldehyde.




The Lemongrass Mud Detox is one of our favorite products and most heavy-duty detoxifiers. We blended pure, nourishing clays, including Moroccan lava clay, French Green Clay and beautiful Bentonite clay from Wyoming to create a luxurious texture. This versatile product can be used as a mud mask, a daily face wash, an underarm detox or an all-over body mask.


If you look at the ingredient list for most pre-mixed clay masks (or MOST skin care), you’ll see the first ingredient is water. Water breeds problematic bacteria. In order to deal with this, harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins are used to stabilize the formula. Our dry product allows you to have a fresh and truly natural product with every use!  


Activate one teaspoon of powder with water or another liquid of your choice (try tea, honey or even fresh avocado!) and massage into facial skin. Let dry, rinse with warm water and follow with our Immortelle Face Tonic. May also be used as a mildly exfoliating daily wash.

Daily wash: Mix desired amount and use just like you would a regular cleanser. Massage into dry skin and wash thoroughly. We recommend you follow with our Immortelle Face Tonic. Using a tonic after any cleanse will help to reset the pH balance of your skin.

Underarm detox: Mix desired amount and apply to dry armpits at least five minutes before entering the shower. Wash under your arms with one of Charcoal + Juniper Detox Bar. Depending on your need, you can do this once a week to daily.

Tub: Add a few teaspoons of the powder to your bath for a relaxing detox soak.


kaolin clay, bentonite clay, solum fullonum (Moroccan lava clay), French yellow illite clay, French green illite clay, cymbopogon schoenanthus^ (lemongrass essential oil) ^organic

for more information go to the LEMONGRASS MASK page


This bar is the perfect detox, especially for your armpits. Woodsy Peru balsam and spicy juniper and cypress are blended with activated charcoal, which acts like a magnet to dirt that’s stuck in pores. Lightweight sunflower oil combined with raw shea and creamy babassu oil make for big fluffy bubbles. Lather yourself up with the clean and warming smell of the woods and give your skin a vacation from toxins and dirt!

This is our first 100% raw oil bar. Refining oils can strip them of all their goodness. Unrefined oils are full of nutrients, natural smell and color. We sourced extremely hard to find raw kokum butter that is both unrefined and Fair Trade.

And yes, cactus! You read right. This bar is formulated with nopales cactus powder that is high in antioxidants, polysaccharides, riboflavin and vitamins. These vitamins and nutrients help skin absorb and retain hydration as well as fight free radicals.

Application: All over body bar, especially great for detoxing under-arms. Gentle enough for daily use. Lather up!

Scent Profile: Rich and earthy carrot is brought to live with our gorgeous spicey and sensual Frankincense oil.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil^, distilled water, Fair Trade coconut oil^, Fair Trade shea butter, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil^, babassu oil, kokum oil, castor oil, activated charcoal, Australian black clay, alcohol free witch hazel, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, cypress essential oil, rosemary essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, pink grapefruit essential oil, Peru balsam essential oil, juniper needle essential oil, muhuhu essential oil, birch tar essential oil                                                                                                                                                    ^organic

Our Promise: 100% palm and hexane free. 100% raw. NO sulfates, synthetics, parabens, fragrance, EDTA or formaldehyde.

A little more about our ingredients…

Hexane-free olive oil: After olive oil has been pressed numerous times for consumption, the leftover oil, leaves and pits are chemically treated with hexane to extract the remaining olive oil. This produces pomace-grade oil, which is what most soap makers use. Hexane is a solvent made from crude oil. While traces left in the olive oil are unlikely to cause damage, hexane itself is problematic. It is federally classified as a hazardous air pollutant, and it’s dangerous for workers to be chronically exposed to hexane in factories that use it to extract oil. Symptoms include severe lung irritation, pulmonary edema, depression, numbness of limbs and more. District BATCH does not use any oils or ingredients that are extracted using hexane.


Try our twist on traditional smudge sticks.  We’ve swapped out white sage for black* and bundled it with palo santo, herbs and selenite. We have carefully selected only those ingredients that are sustainably sourced and chemical free.

From serious ceremony to simple cleansing, our smudge sticks stand ready to assist you in uplifting mind, body and spirit.  

*White sage has become the bread & butter of the smudging industry and as such, has raised concern over the sustainability of current harvesting practices.  We’ve opted to use black sage instead and will continue to monitor best practices to ensure our smudge sticks reflect sustainably smart harvesting.  


Black Sage is a highly aromatic herb with a sweet, cleansing scent.

Lavender adds a light, refreshing smell when burned.  

Palo santo’s scent blends sweetness with subtle, uplifting notes of mint and lemon.  

Check the SMUDGE page for more info.