Shower your pits with love and kindness, never any harsh chemicals or toxins! Use this once and you will never want another deodorant to touch your pits again!  Formulated with raw beeswax, naturally mined, aluminum-free baking soda and essential oils of geranium, tea tree and lavender, it goes on like a sweet-smelling dream and leaves you odor free and fresh all day. Our testers put it up against 100-degree days, a grueling yoga class, new motherhood and nursing. It passed with flying colors!

Our deodorant is housed in glass, so you can skip smearing those leaching plastics on your body AND get rid of one more plastic container in your bathroom.


Japanese hinoki wood has a dry, woody scent with a warm, somewhat spicy and herbal undertone. Our peppermint oil is fresh, with a distinct mint aroma that you might associate with candy. The overall smell of this product is light but present. There’s a fleeting hint of coconut oil and raw beeswax in the background. Considered a unisex scent.


Use clean fingertips to apply a thin layer to clean underarms. For your happiest pits, we recommend washing them first with our Charcoal + Cypress Detox Bar, which helps nix odor-causing bacteria. We also recommend occasionally detoxifying your pits with our Lemongrass Mud Detox Mask.


naturally mined sodium bicarbonate, fair trade extra virgin cocos nucifera oil*, maranta arundinaceae (arrowroot) powder, raw cera alba (beeswax), populus tremuloides bark extract* (aspen bark), kaolin clay, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract* (rosemary), helianthus annuus seed oil* (sunflower oil), mentha x piperita* (peppermint), melaleuca alternifolia* (tea tree), cymbipogon citratus^ (lemongrass), chamaecyparis obtusa endl. (hinoki wood), melaleuca quinquenervia^ (niaoli), amyris balsamifera oil ^ (amyris), pogostemon cablin leaf* (patchouli)          wild harvested / * organic


NO synthetics, parabens, fragrance, aluminum, triclosan, propylene glycol, TEA/DEA, sulfates, EDTA or formaldehyde.


1.5 oz in a reusable glass container


Congrats! You're making the right choice. If you currently use antiperspirant and are interested in switching to natural deodorant, we recommend detoxifying your armpits first. This process can take up to a month, but it’s different for every person. Eliminating toxic chemicals from your body is worth it! You'll be healthier, smell better and likely sweat less.

First use our Lemongrass Detox Mud Mask underarms; mix a small amount of powder with water until it becomes a paste and apply it a few minutes before you get in the shower. When you wash the mask off use our Charcoal + Cypress Detox Bar. Depending on need you can do this every day, a few times a week or once a week. Apply a pea sized amount of District BATCH Geranium Deodorant to clean and dry skin. Email us at hello@districtbatch.com if you need more advice or guidance- we’re always happy to talk.


Baking soda: We use baking soda that is naturally mined from the earth instead of industry-standard baking soda that is manufactured in a lab. To debunk a common misconception: there isn't aluminum in ANY baking soda.  

GC-MS tested essential oil: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is considered the highest standard of ingredient testing in the beauty industry. It detects the true botanical origin of the essential oil, as well as any impurities. 

Coconut oil: Our coconut oil is the nicest we've ever seen and smelled. This sustainable oil is organic, Fair Trade and extra virgin, meaning it is in its purist form and still contains all the healing properties coconut oil has to offer.

Aspen bark powder, a preservative: As consumers become more aware of the risks of parabens, formaldehyde. releasers, and other synthesized preservatives, product formulators and manufacturers are facing the growing challenge of procuring natural alternatives that provide suitable broad-spectrum protection. We use aspen bark powdered extract, which helps to resist microbial contamination and control microbial growth while simultaneously offering nutritive skin conditioning benefits.

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